BOTOX® Cosmetic

What is BOTOX®? How does it work?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an FDA approved, purified protein administered in a nonsurgical procedure which relaxes the muscle activity so that the skin appears smoother. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a biological botulinum toxin transformed into a therapeutic agent that reduces frown lines between your brows, your forehead, and the lines that form around your eyes.

What is involved in the procedure?

Dr. Fisher will administer several tiny injections of BOTOX® directly into the muscles that cause those moderate to severe frown lines. No anesthesia is required. The injection process will last about 15 minutes. Patients will typically experience only minimal discomfort.

When will I see results?

Within days you will notice improvement in moderate to severe frown lines. Most patients achieve optimal results within one month.

How long does BOTOX® last?

Results from BOTOX can last for up to four months. If you discontinue treatments, your frown lines will gradually look like they did prior to receiving treatments.

Are there any side effects to BOTOX®?

Possible side effects include temporary numbness, bruising, or swelling at the injection site. Mild headaches may also occur, and generally will resolve within 24 to 48 hours.

To learn more about our BOTOX® Cosmetic Services, please contact us at 267-288-3535 or 215-938-7878 today to schedule an appointment.


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